One of the many qualities
that distinguishes MRP's video production is its ability to achieve a high degree of naturalness and authenticity.

In part, this is because Mark Rubin does all of his own producing, directing, and shooting. So the entire MRP "crew" consists of Mark plus a maximum of one assistant. This minimal crew, in combination with Mark's insistence on always using only available light, his strategy of maximum unobtrusiveness, and his personal ability to make people comfortable, are the reasons why

"Talking heads are sometimes essential and they can be effective, but more often than not they're just an easy way out for an uninspired creative team. Although it's usually a lot harder to do, I find that showing, rather than just telling, is always a far more convincing and memorable way to convey any given message" - MR
Frame from Daycare video
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Frame from long-term care video: Click to enlarge

MRP can go into a daycare, a long-term care facility, or any other setting, and come away with footage that is remarkably telling and "real".

Put this footage together with MRP's skillfully formed scripts, integrate it with very carefully chosen music, and edit all elements together with a high degree of craft, and what you get are video productions that speak with exceptional clarity, eloquence, and strength.

Frame from Daycare video
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Frame from Long-Term Care Click to enlarge
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Please note that the video samples on this site have been highly compressed in order to make them as
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