All of MRP's media work has evolved from Mark Rubin's professionial origins in still photography. Which is why the naturalness and authenticity that are the hallmarks of MRP's video production are even more evident in its still work.

MRP doesn't do product, commercial, or corporate photography. It doesn't use a studio or portable strobes. It doesn't do weddings or bar mitzvahs.

MRP's main photographic focus is on real people in real environments, shot as straightforwardly as possible, and with as much integrity and sensitivity as possible.

Sample galleries of MRP's photographic work can be toured by clicking on the images below.

"I still shoot negative film because digital cameras still can't approach either the technical or aesthetic qualities of film. I then have selected negatives scanned to Photo CD, which then gives me the best of both worlds - the quality and aesthetics of film, plus the power of digital processing." - MR
"Photoshop is such an extraordinary tool for me - not because of any of the "tricks" you can do with it (as cool as such tricks can be) - but simply because it allows me to "digitally print" an image with unprecedented control and finesse." - MR

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