Presented in the form of a
live concert performance,
features a very eclectic
assortment of musical

selections - all chosen for
their appeal to young
children, and all performed
by the Hannaford Street
Silver Band.

Like the traditional Brass
Band, the Toronto-based
Hannaford Street Silver
is composed of twenty-
some brass players, plus two
percussionists. Unlike the
traditional Brass Band,

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Bring on the Brass contents and selections
however, the HSSB is not just a local group of dedicated amateurs, but rather a fully
professional orchestra made up of many of Canada's finest brass musicians.

Host/narrator Leo McKern ties everything
together with his very distinctive blend of
warmth and humour - introducing the concert
and each of the selections, providing brief bits of
history and explanations about brass
instruments, and narrating the concluding story.

The original "Bring on the Brass" musical
chronicles the musical misadventures of a
brass band in search of an audience. Through
the interaction of narration and music, the piece
conveys the themes of the pleasure of
performance, the benefits of musical open-
mindedness, the cooperative nature of orchestral

Hannaford Street Silver Band
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performance, and the importance of artistic integrity. Even more importantly, however,
the piece provides the narrator and the musicians with a vehicle for a great deal of
musical and narrative fun, and provides the recording with a highly engaging grand finale.
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